Our New Home

So ya, I’ve just moved, yet again.  I bet I know how shocked you are :insert rolling eyes emoji:

Anyway, I put my trailer up for sale and moved into a new home.  I’ve shacked up with my boyfriend, a man I’ve known since 7th grade.  Anyway, about the house… Its absolutely perfect but definitely needs my creative touch! :winky eye emoji:

Here is the hooouuuse….fullsizerender

Here’s how the outside started, as I was REALLY lucky to sneak in this outside project.  The  fall weather really held out this year, and I was able to do some painting before the temperatures dropped and the snow fell.  It’s still a work in progress, but I think painting the garage door and the posts made a big impact!

While I’ve been busy doing projects around the inside, it hasn’t all come together yet.  I’ve celebrated 2 out of the 3 kids birthdays, and in less than 3 months we’ve had also halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas!…

Phew!  To say the least, its been BUSY around here!!  But we are settling in so nicely and it sure is nice to have a space for everyone!  As I start getting more rooms done, I will be posting some more before and after projects, cause I KNOW a lot will be coming! :insert lots of excited emoji’s here:



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