We had summer..

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where the summer went at my house…. I started early in the spring with all my plans to the outside of my house.  With a toddler, I desperately needed a fence this year.  My yard doesn’t have the traditional “back” and “front” like many homes.

I started the spring by digging out garden beds that had been back filled with rocks for things NOT to grow.  We all know thats impossible, I mean the weeds simply proved it.

I had only a few pavers in front of the house.  I’d always ended up stepping in the muddy awkward grass area before the gavel driveway.  I couldn’t wait to fix the solution.  That was before I got all the energy to start the project when I quickly realized how heavy the pavers actually were.  It took me longer than

Heres a quick before and after:


1That was before I got all the energy to start the project when I quickly realized how heavy the pavers actually were. It took me longer than I actually expected….I also started the work on both the front and back decks with some white stain on all the railings.  I used a medium brown on the tread of the rest of the deck.

 I put the call out for some free plants on facebook.  A few people offered me some if I came and dug them up, which I did… happily!  Here is how they started.  The only thing that I knew for sure is, that the front ones were a day lily.


Here is what I did after I removed the ugly, cracked paving stones (that must have weighed 100lbss?!)  I stacked some bricks along the side of the house to finish it off, planted a few spots of ground cover between the stones and planted some lavender by my front door.  For good luck, of course 😉


I continued staining both the front and back deck till for what felt like days and nights.  Thank goodness for some of the help I had.  My friend and Neighbour came and moved a paintbrush beside me many evenings.  I always enjoy our convenient, short but frequent visits.  She has become a wonderful part of my new life at this home.

I had gone fully dressed to work many days with paint splatters that kept adding up.. my arms, toes and of course, in my hair.  No matter how much I showered… Haha I’m great at painting, but I never said I the cleanest painter! 😉

I came up with a design and had a contractor build the whole fence for me.  I was out there helping screw all the boards in along the way…



While the contractor was building, he found three spindle that were in the junk pile behind the shed.  I think they were part of an old deck that must have been attached in the past.  Either way, I couldn’t believe how the whole thing was working out so beautifully.2

a small narrow garden along the front of the new fence with some rocks along the edge, and a few new pots, my place spruced up pretty amazing in the end.  I believe my hard work paid off.


check out how big them little plants did in the corner… holy!

I planted some clematis to climb up the side of the pergola.  I added some mallow I grew from seed into the base, with a rain barrow to help water all the pots and raised flower beds and new shrubs.


But my favourite part of the whole makeover was the addition of this tent off the back deck.  I found some pieces from facebook, yet again.  This part of my yard faces south, and I get a lot of direct sun on the side of the house with all the windows.  It sure was a relief in the heat for the kids over the summer, and a nice addition in the evenings with the little lights at the top.  I spent many pinterst nights out here, learning about gardening and doing small projects.


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